Play Buffalo online for free

When people play in online casinos, they love having a good time with slot games. We have the classic ones and others that are basically new with a lot of advanced technology. This way, players have more options when they want to play different slot games. Online casinos are aware of that and sites such as Bet365, Betsson and William Hill offer different choices for all players. In this case, we’re about to talk about Buffalo, and what makes it different from other slots. So here’s a little review and a few interesting tips about this fantastic game.

Buffalo Slot Review & Bonus Codes

Buffalo is a game from IGT and Aristocrat. It’s a classic according to a lot of people because is one of their favorites in every online casino. The theme is basically the American wild west, and the most important thing about this game is the fact that you have 1024 combinations to win. Despite it doesn’t have the best graphics, and it’s only 2D, a lot of people love it because there’s a high chance of winning. You also have to consider this is a 5 reel game with thirteen symbols. Of course you have the Buffalo, then another animals like the Tiger, Eagle and the Wolf. Depending on any character, you can win certain amounts of money. For example, if you get to win with the Wolf, you’ll be able to win 20, 80 or 120 $. This is depending on how much you have bet during the game.

On the other hand, with all of these combinations you can also have some free spins. You can have eight, fifteen or twenty free spins. This is according to the number of scatters. Besides, the most important trick you have to learn is that you have to get all those free spins no matter what. This way, you’ll be able to play without paying nothing and the chances to win are high. So as you can see, this is a game a lot of players love for this particular reason. They have the chance to win a lot of money without betting too much. It’s just a matter of luck and having a good time.