Play Coyote Moon for free

People love playing slot games. And thanks to online casinos, they can do it without any problems. Besides, they feel they are in a real casino when they play this kind of games. However, there are plenty of slot games to choose, so you can consider take a look to some of them before deciding which one you’re going to play. Obviously, there are some more entertaining than others, but a lot of them stand out from the rest. This time, we’re about to talk about a very important one. This is Coyote Moon and we’re going to show you a review and some bonus codes for you to enjoy.

Coyote Moon Slot Review & Bonus Codes

When we talk about Coyote Moon, this is a very interesting slot game with a lot of different features. It was developed by International Gaming Technology. This is a five-reel game with 40 paylines. Of course, the whole game is related to the life of a coyote, including some animals in the desert where they live. We also have lizards, deers and hummingbirds. Furthermore, there are other symbols in the game such as the Ace, Jack, King Queen, Nine and Ten. You can bet from 1 to 2.000 dollars, so it’s up to you how much you want to bet.

On the other hand, the logo of this game is the wild symbol of itself. You can make a combination of this logo with any other symbol in order to create a winning combination. This is an important combination all players want to make in order to win some money. The only negative thing we can say about this game is the fact that you just get the chance to play one free game. If you’re lucky enough, you can get five free spins in a row. Apart from that, some people can admit the graphics are not the best, but the theme is really interesting. This game is quite popular among some online casinos, such as Casumo, Bet365 and William Hill. As you can see, this game has received certain recognition among players and it’s really fun to play. You should check it out and have some more fun.