People love playing at online casinos, especially for their slot games. Because of that, people can choose between different games and themes. If some of them prefer Egyptian games, there they are, the same thing happens with animals, Gods, cartoons, etcetera. Sites like Bet365 and 888 casino offer these games and more. However, if you want to choose a good slot game you need to pick from the best. In this case, we need to talk about one of the best games IGT has. This is Da Vinci Diamonds, a slot game that professional players and amateurs love. Of course, its theme is related to Da Vinci’s works and his gemstones. We’re about to show you what you need to know about this amazing slot and how to beat it.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Review & Bonus Codes

As we have mentioned above, this is a IGT game. This is a classical 5-reel game with twenty paylines, where you can find different symbols to play as well. In this game you can find a lady with an ermine, an amber, a ruby, a Jade, Mona Lisa and of course the Da Vinci Diamond and Leonardo himself. You’ll get the best reward if you get 5 Da Vinci Diamonds on the reels. In addition, the wild symbol is a pink gem, and if you manage to get 5, you’ll hit the Jackpot with 25.000 $. This is one of the mains reasons a lot of people like this game, they offer a lot of money.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have just one scatter symbol, it has three. They’re all related to his most valuable artistic efforts, and if you get 4 or more of them, you’ll be rewarded. This game also has a very interesting feature, which is the cascading reel. This way, if players make a winning combination the system itself will replace the winning symbols with another ones. This is a system that a lot of slot games are using right now, where players can have more chances to win more money. As you can see, if you get the proper combinations you’ll be able to win and have a good time as well. So take a look at this game, you won’t be disappointed.