When we talk about slot games, we need to talk about the best ones. Because there’s a lot of slots who are not precisely good enough. However, there are some of them which stand out from the rest and they’re basically unique. Online casinos know this and Leo Vegas and Mansion Casino offer a huge variety of titles. We have to talk about a classic and simple one that a lot of players adore. This is Double Diamond, a simple but unique 3-reel game created by IGT. We’re going to show you how it works and how you can obtain a lot of money playing with this one.

Double Diamond Slot Review & Bonus Codes

This is by far one of the simplest slots IGT has developed. However, thanks to this simplicity, a lot of people love it. This is a simple 3-reel game with one simple payline, and that’s it. But don’t take it as a boring game, you can bet 3 dollars and coming out with 2.500. All you have to do is recognize the symbols of this game and start taking risks.

For example, if you manage to get the Double Diamons Logo in all three reels, you’ll be able to win 2.500 dollars. Of course, the symbols are classics from old slot machines, such as the cherries, the “Bar”, the 7, etcetera. The most interesting thing about this game has to be the fact that you can make 27 winning combinations with this game. That’s one of the main reasons a lot of players love it.

On the other hand, the minimu bet on this game is 25 cents. The maximum bet is depending on the casino. You can bet 5, 10 or even 100 dollars if you want. Of course, the game is so simple that you don’t have the chance to get big bonuses. However, when you get the Double Diamond logo, this one acts as the Wild symbol. And in this case, which is different from other slots, the logo can multiply your winnings. So as you have seen, this is a slot that a lot of people who like classical machines can enjoy. Feel free to take a look at this game and have a great night with it.