When people want to play with slot games, they want to have the best choices. This is something that sites like Betsson and 888 casino know by heart so they offer the best slots around. However, there are certain titles that you don’t like more than others. This is the beauty of slot games, you can choose from any theme you want. In fact, if you want a title about fantasy, you can probably find it as well. This is the case of Double Dragons, a title for all the fans of these mythical creatures. We’re about to show you about this game and how you can win some money with this interesting slot.

Double Dragons Slot Review & Bonus Codes

This is an amazing game with a classical 5-reel and 25 paylines. The graphics of this game are just stunning and you can difference both dragons when they’re in their respective cages. You can find a fire dragon and an ice one. In order to let them out, you need to get several winning combinations. Once this happens, they explode and let another symbols drop down on the screen. If you get 4 winning combinations the dragons will come out from their cages and they’ll give you some rewards. First, the fire dragon give additional wilds. While the ice dragon is going to give you multipliers for 2.

Of course, both dragons are the wild symbols. Once they show up on the screen, they’ll do their part and you’ll start winning big. Among the symbols you can find on this game there are different dragon’s eyes. You can find them in red, green and blue. Besides, you’ll have the poker card values as well in different colors. This is a very exciting game, with amazing graphics and an outstanding sound, so you’ll definitely have a good time. This is one of the best fantasy slots out there and players can’t deny it.